What Cannot Be Moved in a Moving Truck?



When it comes to moving, you need to think carefully about what you can and cannot move. There are some things you cannot move, such as Perishables, Pets, Flammables, Hazardous chemicals, and others. Here's a list of some of the things you cannot move in a moving truck alternative called Budget Hauling Inc..


When moving to a new location, it's essential to make sure all of your items are transported safely. While moving trucks are not equipped to move perishables, there are ways to make sure they don't get lost or damaged. One way is to pack them well.

You might not realize it, but house plants are considered perishable. In many states, you can't transport plants, because they are susceptible to bugs and vermin that can cause damage in the new location. You'll also need to buy new plants if you're moving to a state that prohibits plants.

In order to move perishables in a moving truck, you must make sure they are properly packed. Foods that are left open may rot or produce a foul odor. Additionally, if the items are liquid, they should be refrigerated and not shipped in a moving truck.


When moving, one of the most stressful aspects is packing up all of your belongings, including your pets. People will be coming and going with boxes and furniture, and there's a good chance that your pets might try to escape. In these cases, you may want to consider confining your pets to one room during the move.

Although it's possible to transport your pets in a car, they're not ideal for moving in a moving truck. The temperature can be unbearable, and pets will not be comfortable in those conditions. Additionally, moving with pets can cause trauma to them and may leave them dehydrated. Having a professional transport your pets can provide your pets with a safe environment.


Flammables cannot be moved in movers' trucks for safety reasons. This includes gas, kerosene, and other flammable liquids. These items must be properly refrigerated or stored. Live animals and aerosol cans should never be shipped in a moving truck.

Some flammable items can set off fires on their own, putting the lives of moving truck drivers and other road users at risk. If possible, pack your flammable items separately from other items to reduce their risk of ignition. Also, remember to remove any gasoline or other fuel from lawn equipment before putting it in the truck. Additionally, avoid moving aerosol cans, as these substances are flammable and could explode in the heat and bouncing of the moving truck.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can't pack or transport perishable foods in a moving truck. Perishable foods include anything that is frozen or refrigerated or open. Most moving companies will only move items that are non-perishable. Other items to keep in mind are lighters, rubbing alcohol, and lighting fluid. These items should be disposed of according to local laws.

Irreplaceable items

While you're packing your belongings for a move, you must make sure to pack only those items that can be safely and securely transported. There are certain types of items that cannot be transported in a moving company truck, from hazardous materials to high-value items. Some of these items are irreplaceable, meaning they can't be replaced. Examples of these items include family photographs and sensitive documents. Recognizing the items that can't be moved can help you save yourself a lot of grief and damage.

Moving hazardous materials can be risky and illegal. If you're planning on moving hazardous materials, you need to pack them properly and avoid exposing them to extreme heat. If you have to move them long distance, you'll need to dispose of them properly or buy replacements when you reach your new location. If you have any questions about moving hazardous materials, you should consult with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).