4 Ways to STOP a Windshield Crack from Spreading


First of all, we have a disclaimer to know before the guide starts.

The below tips and ideas are not ALTERNATE to the professional windshield repair work. You may get as many hacks, home tips, or use DIY repair kits, but remembers that 99% of them won’t fix the windshield cracks permanently.

The below-discussed tips are only for emergency situations and temporary solutions for the cases where you are not able to repair your damaged windshield immediately and you are in an emergency condition that must have to drive. For all other cases, we strongly recommend you hire a professional auto glass technician for the repair. If you are in the search of one, we have the certified mechanics in Redequojoven, contact us for the free estimation of your service.

So, now, how can you stop the windshield crack from spreading and affecting other good parts of the glass and make sure you are safe for a while to drive at least until your emergency get overs?

Here we listed some tips and hacks to help you in this.

Hack #1: Do you love your nails? 

No, we are not taking beauty, we are still in the room discussing windshield crack repair. We asked the question because if you love your nails, you must have nail polish. And for this hack you need it.

What! nail polish for a crack repair? Yes. The nail polish for a windshield crack works, of course for temporary.

To try this hack, first, clean the damaged area. Avoid using the cleaning solution directly to the chip or crack, instead use a mild cotton cloth, wet it in the solution, and wipe off the dirt. After you cleaned the area, let it dry, and make sure there is no moisture.

Now, fill the crack with nail polish. Use plain nail polish so it won’t affect your view while driving.

Hack #2: Use super glue as a seal

Reminder: It is a temporary solution…

Just like you started with a nail polish hack, you will have to clean the cracked area to remove dirt, dust, or debris. These are the substances that cause the crack to spread.

Now use a dropper and squeeze the glue into the crack and move the dropper tip to make sure the glue spreads evenly on the crack.

Once you are done, wipe off excess glue gently with a cotton cloth.

Hack #3: Use the tape

The main threats to windshield crack spread are dirt and moisture. Unfortunately, your windshield is more likely exposed to these things. So protecting the crack from moisture and dirt helps you control the spread for a while. You use tape to put a cover on the crack and use it as a barrier. We recommend using clear tape. If the crack location is out of your vision like on the side, you can use duct tape too.

Hack #4: Protect your car

Light, snow, and wind most common nature things that attack a windshield crack and make it worse. So always your car in shade and make it out of reach of these natural elements.

Finally, we are done. Hope we have given you a clear idea of how can you avoid the crack in the windshield from spreading temporarily. We again mention it is only for TEMPORARY! It is always best to contact a professional as soon as possible. Drive safe to stay calm!